About Us

Mia’s Cozy Cove is the sister brand of The Merry Goldfinch boutique, now both brands are operating in one physical store in Smithville, NJ, located in the Smithville Square Shopping Center.  Our boutique offers slippers, socks, rain gear, and spa related and bath and body products, accessories, light apparel, and a variety of gifts.

Let’s be real: When your feet are cozy and comfortable, your entire body, mind, and soul feel cozy and comfortable too. Comfortable footwear maintains evergreen appeal to the masses, which is why we offer our Snoozies!® brand slippers for women, men, and children at our storefront in South Jersey. 

Our new expanded storefront has provided us the opportunity to create a more relaxed shopping environment with a wide variety of year-round and seasonal items to meet a variety of budgets and tastes.


You’re probably wondering: Who the heck is Mia? 

Mia is my very first Italian Greyhound (there are now three in my family). She used be walked frequently in Smithville among the shops, where she quickly became a local icon because of her fashionable clothing (Italian greyhounds have short hair so they need to be clothed in cold weather).




Anyone who has or has met an Italian Greyhound knows that they are little snugglers who want to be warm, comfy, and cozy, just like you. They find a blanket or a sack that they can burrow into and they are in heaven. So, Mia became our official mascot and brand ambassador when we expanded. 

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