Spending More Time at Home? Let’s Get the Whole Family Cozy!

Spending More Time at Home? Let’s Get the Whole Family Cozy!

Mar 31st 2020

Hey humans, Mia here — the lovable Italian Greyhound who’s proud to be the spokes-“pup” for Mia’s Cozy Cove! I’m here to wag my tail about some comfy, cozy products the entire family can enjoy. Since kiddos are hangin’ at the house during school days and others are working from home, I sure am enjoying all the extra time I get to spend with my favorite humans!

Listen, I know what it’s like being home a lot — it can get stressful when you can’t go out as much as you’d like to. When you’re spending more time in your house, it’s easy to feel cooped up, uncomfortable, and catch a little “cabin” fever — even during the spring! Sometimes the other pup in the house — my sister, Gemma — just gets on my nerves. That’s when I retreat to my fortress of comfort-tude. Check me out!

I know that being cozy always makes me feel better, so I’m sure it’ll work for you, too! Mia’s Cozy cove has plenty of ways for you and your family members to stay comfortable all day long.

For Her

Our Women’s Snoozies Cuffed Cable Sherpa-Lined socks are cozy, cool, and comfy. They come in all sorts of fun colors, like Pink, Light Blue, and Lavender. Who says you can’t rock springtime colors indoors? Whether you’re getting work done from your laptop or just sipping nighttime tea on the couch, you’ll be sure to feel sweet n’ snug.

For Him

Feeling cushy and relaxed isn’t exclusive to the ladies, fellas! That’s why our online boutique sells plenty of men’s footwear that’s sure to please, including our “#1 Dad” Snoozies and golf-themed slippers. If you’re looking for something a bit more mellow, you can slip into solid-color Basketweave Snoozies!

For the Kids

We know that kids love to accessorize, which is why we carry lots of novelty socks they’ll never want to take off! Our kids’ socks include lots of fun, bold designs, including movie theater popcorn, sloths hanging from branches, and a cool pup riding the waves (speaking of which...I know what I’ll be doing this summer!).

Slip Into Something Cozier Today

We’ve got some cozy deals! All orders over $50 come with free shipping, and we’ve also dropped the flat rate shipping to $5. For more information about all of our products, contact Mia’s Cozy Cove today!