Who’s Mia, Anway?

Who’s Mia, Anway?

Feb 19th 2020

It took a lot of whimpering and “puppy dog” eyes, but I finally got my mom to agree to let me take over these pawsome blogs! Hi, I’m Mia! That’s right — in case you hadn’t checked out our “About Us” page, my mommy, Terri, named her luxury online boutique after me!

What an honor, I tell ya.

It’s Nice to Meet You!

I am a five-year-old Italian Greyhound — a very gentle, sweet, and affable breed, just like those who came before me. You’ve probably seen my ancestors in centuries-old portraits sitting beside their noble owners. We were an elegant breed that became extremely popular in Italy in the 16th century — which is where we got our name.

While my slim and slender form makes me extremely agile and willing to launch myself freely into the open air, I love nothing more than to snuggle! I absolutely love the warmth; so on sunny days, you typically can find me sunbathing in the yard. However, don’t expect me to perk up my ears if you take me out on a cold, rainy day. Oh, you can fur-get about it — I don’t want to be a pup-sicle! My short, thin coat of hair makes me extremely sensitive to cold weather, which is why mommy bundles me up in the coziest clothes she can find, just as she does with my younger siblings, Primo and Gemma. Now, we’re doing the same for you!

Cozy Clothes for Year-Round Comfort

At Mia’s Cozy Cove, you’ll find an assortment of luxury socks and Snoozies slippers for sale online to keep you cozy throughout the year. If you’re like me, cold weather is not your friend and staying warm through the cooler climate is a must! My siblings and I are always wrapped up in sweaters and scarves, and now you can get your paws — I mean hands — on some of the most comfortable products around.

From luxury socks and slippers to umbrellas and rain capes, we have everything you need to get through less than ideal temperatures. No matter where you live, whether you’re consumed by brisk weather daily or you’re gifted year-round sunny skies, our high-quality socks and slippers will ensure you remain cozy and warm in the comfort of your home. Check out the infographic below to see some Mia-approved product lines:

To purchase warm and cozy socks or sequin slippers for sale online, continue browsing our site to see a full list of our product catalog. For additional questions, feel free to give us a call at 866-643-2719.